Bear Merle
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The bear is a small teddy, with which one can be sure. It is certified according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 and is washable up to 60 ° C - so it is great to cuddle and can also be a bit dirty. Two big dark coats and a dark snout, in combination with a body of a kind of plush, focus on the essentials: cuddling, cuddling, cuddling!_x000D_ Tested for harmful substances (OEKO-TEX®, A08-0261 Hohenstein HTTI,

Bear Merle

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Artikelnummer 60322
Merk MBW
Gewicht 65 g
Materiaal material: polyester_x000D_ filling: polyester fibers_x000D_ inside: PET pellets in tissue bags
Kleur beige
Afmeting length: 11 cm_x000D_ width: 15 cm_x000D_ height: 15 cm

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