Bear Henrik
  • Bear Henrik - cream
  • Bear Henrik - light brown
  • Bear Henrik - light brown
  • Bear Henrik - ochre brown


This plush bear is a real cuddle-curl - because of the unusual structure of his fur, he really deserves this name. The very fluffy quality is also characterized by a nice shine. His appearance is rounded off by the big snout, which makes him look a little more cute.

Bear Henrik

Vanaf € 7,97
    • cream cream
    • light brown light brown
    • ochre brown ochre brown
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Artikelnummer 60651
Merk MBW
Gewicht 200 g
Materiaal material: polyester_x000D_ filling: polyester fibers_x000D_ inside: PET pellets in tissue bags
Kleur cream
Afmeting length: 17 cm_x000D_ width: 23 cm_x000D_ height: 23 cm

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